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Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

SwissCham is delighted to invite you to our webinar on the topic How Successful Businesses Make the Most of Economics Zones on Thursday, July 21st on Zoom.

Economic zones and Industrial parks are important engines of China's development since the 1970s. Foreign companies enjoy special policies such as tax incentives and greater trade freedom when they set up within these economic zones and often use these economic zones to jump start their business within China.

In the webinar we are honored to have our guests speakers, Lim Hong Kian, CEO North Asia of Surbana Jurong, he will focus on the geopolitical drivers, considerations and approaches behind an economic zone. Dr. Priscilla Peh from Surbana Jurong Singapore will focus on new policies advantages in economic zone and how can you leverage those advantages. Dr. Ye Zhenlong, Managing Director of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group, will describe the BDIA economic zone advantages and opportunities.

Join us as we explore the dynamics of industrial parks and economic zones within China and discover how companies can leverage on the benefits of the policies to build your business.



经济区和工业园区是 1970 年代以来中国发展的重要引擎。外国公司落户经济区可享受税收优惠和更大的贸易自由等特殊政策,因此经常利用这些经济区在中国开展业务。

此次研讨会我们很荣幸邀请到演讲嘉宾,盛裕集团北亚区首席执行官Hong Kian先生,将重点介绍经济区背后的地缘政治驱动因素、考虑因素和方法。盛裕集团Priscilla Peh博士将重点介绍经济区的新政策优势以及如何利用这些优势。上海细胞治疗集团总经理Ye Zhenlong博士将介绍北京大兴国际机场临空经济区的优势和机遇。


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  • Hong Kian LIM (CEO of Surbana Jurong, North Asia)

    Hong Kian LIM

    CEO of Surbana Jurong, North Asia

    Mr Lim Hong Kian heads the North Asia division of Surbana Jurong. He is responsible for the overall delivery, leadership and development of the division across China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other parts of North Asia including Korea, Mongolia and Russia.

    Mr Lim is a registered architect with the Singapore Board of Architects, a LEED Accredited Professional and a BIM management expert, and has an extensive and diverse international portfolio of projects from large -scale commercial mixed-use, transport and residential projects, to master and urban planning developments. He led the team in the recent successful completion of Nanjing Jiangbei Science Tech Park master plan and urban design which in turn led to the award of the full architectural scope for the first phase of the development of the Park. He has also been involved with several noteworthy projects in Singapore, including the Jurong Lake District Master Plan, the Second Central Business District, and the Bulim Square Intelligent Industrial Building and Planning Project in the Jurong Innovation District.

    Mr Lim is a strong advocate for sustainable solutions, working to translate innovative and transformative ideas into built projects, and is committed to creating work that is “urbanistic, humanistic, and optimistic”. He is a seasoned business leader who focuses not only on architecture, but also on issues and challenges in the industry and profession, actively participating in major business forums and seminars, sharing and exchanging insights, and exploring new directions in architectural design.

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  • Priscilla PEH (Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare Project and Partnership Manager at Surbana Jurong)

    Priscilla PEH

    Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare Project and Partnership Manager at Surbana Jurong

    Dr Priscilla Peh is a biomedical engineer by training. She started her corporate career at the Singapore Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) where she accumulated experience in R&D investment promotion and partnership creation in the biomedical space, contributing to the attraction and set-up of 2 foreign companies and numerous public private partnerships. She subsequently went on to manage commercial alliance partnerships and projects in a European multinational company where she accumulated vast understanding of the various operations within the biopharma industry from R&D to manufacturing and commercial sales. In Surbana Jurong, she is involved in working with industrial parks to identify their value propositions and industry positioning, influence incentives and policies and bring in foreign direct investments.

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  • ZhenLong YE (Managing Director of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group’s Beijing Brunch)

    ZhenLong YE

    Managing Director of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group’s Beijing Brunch

    Dr Ye ZhenLong is the Managing Director of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group’s Beijing brunch and serves as Research Advisor at Shanghai University and Distinguished Professor at Binzhou Medical University. His research interests revolve around the area of oncology and has published numerous articles and papers in various high-ranked international journals, and he holds 30 patents.
    Dr Ye is a member of the Daxing District Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). He is also Vice Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Daxing District. He has been awarded significant prizes and awards from local governments, including May 4th Medal (Youth Medal) of Shanghai, Outstanding Young Talents of Shanghai and recognition from Shanghai Rising-Star Program.

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