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Towards a Wider Cooperation of Swiss Companies on VPET in China


Do you know that only 30% of Swiss students go to high school? Where does the remaining 70% go? Join us for this flagship event on November 17th, 2022 to find out! This year's Sino-Swiss Economic Forum (SSEF 2022) will change you!

Switzerland, as the most competitive economy in the world, has traditionally prioritized education and technological progress as the most important strategic objective. Vocational Professional Education and Training plays a crucial role in the Swiss education system, which is recognized as making a significant contribution to competitiveness and productivity, to the adaptation of the workforce to changing patterns of production and work organization, and to social cohesion. 

A significant turning point in China-Switzerland cooperation in vocational education was reached in 2017 with the signing of the Memorandum of Collaboration in Vocational Education and Training. The two sides agreed to strengthen the exchange and collaboration in education, scientific research and innovation. As China increasingly emphasizes the cultivation of highly skilled workers, innovative talent, and business management experts, this cooperation between China and Switzerland becomes more strategically significant.

On occasion of China's latest guideline to promote the high-quality development of vocational education, including establishing a modern vocational education system nationwide, and the initiative of the Embassy of Switzerland in China to establish an alliance of Swiss companies on Vocational and Professional Education and Training, the SSEF offers inspiring panel discussions and is followed by an exclusive gala dinner and brings together the most influential voices in the Sino-Swiss business community. The aim is to establish a platform where the most innovative companies and vocational training approaches can be showcased. In addition, key innovators from Fortune 500 companies, as well as high-ranking Chinese and Swiss officials, including the new Swiss Ambassador, are willing to attend the largest economic summit between China and Switzerland.


你知道只有30%的瑞士学生上高中吗?剩下的70%去哪儿了?加入我们,参加2022年11月17 日的旗舰活动,一探究竟!今年的中瑞经济论坛(SSEF 2022)将改变你!





Nov 17, 2022

2 PM - 9 PM (GMT+8)

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NUO Hotel Beijing (Lidu)
2A Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District


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Why and Who Should Attend?

Why Sponsor the SSEF?

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In 2022, the SSEF will be the most important economic event between Switzerland and China. Sponsoring the Sino-Swiss Economic Forum creates unique opportunities for your business to engage key communities, position your brand and expand your network. By being represented at the Sino-Swiss Economic Forum, you maximize your exposure in our electronic and print media, and gain access to a community of successful business owners, important players in the Beijing area and throughout China, and potential clients for your products.

The Sino-Swiss Economic Forum's sponsorship program is specifically designed to provide you with good product-placement opportunities, great brand awareness through high logo visibility, and many other platforms for the promotion of your business.

There are several ways to attend the SSEF 2022:

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  • 选择任一赞助方案;
  • 包桌 (仅限会员);
  • 预定展台 (仅限会员);
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  • 个人参与。

We offer you the following sponsorship opportunities / 我们为您提供以下赞助机会:

Financial Sponsorship Packages / 资金赞助方案

*Corporate Table (during GALA Dinner)

Corporate Tables (10 seats; subject to change according to epidemic prevention measures) are located in a central area with a logo on the table and are available for members only. To be seated together is guaranteed. (Price TBA)


*Presentation Booth

We offer to our corporate members the fantastic chance to purchase a booth in order to present your latest products. Price (net): RMB 9'900, includes 1 free entrance.

*In-Kind Sponsorship

In kind sponsorship is a terrific approach to obtain high awareness for your products and gain access to new customers if your company wants to be seen in both electronic and print media. The following benefits are included in the in-kind sponsorship package:

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  • Company's logo in the event's booklet

*Tailor Made Sponsorship Package

Is your company seeking more exposure than the one described in the above packages? There is the possibility to receive a tailor-made sponsorship package.


包桌 (10人桌;根据防疫措施调整) 位于醒目位置,带企业logo展示,仅限会员预订。(价格待定)


我们为公司会员打造绝佳展位,以展示您的最新产品。价格(净价):RMB 9'900元,包括1张免费入场券。



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Past SSEFs

In the previous SSEFs, SwissCham, in partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland in China, gathered together high-level representatives from the Sino-Swiss business community, government officials, and academia to explore hot topics, including innovation, sustainability, the Free Trade Agreement, in an effort to promote bilateral cooperation, enhance mutual understanding between Switzerland and China, as well as benefits Swiss and Chinese investors, entrepreneurs and companies.

With the exceptional top government officials from both countries, such as the former President and Federal Councillor of the Swiss Confederation, H.E. Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, HE. Doris Leuthard, the former Minister of Commerce of P.R. China, H.E. Zhong Shan, this event gathered around 300-400 top executives from Swiss multinational giants including Nestlé, ABB, Swiss Re, Novartis, SGS, TE Connectivity, the Chinese business leaders like tech giant Alibaba, China Construction Bank, and Syngenta, as well as experts and professors from the ETH Zurich, Tsinghua University. The event was covered in several languages by more than 20 Swiss and Chinese traditional media outlets and social media platforms.


两国政要,如瑞士联邦前总统和联邦委员,H.E. Johann N. Schneider-Ammann,HE Doris Leuthard,中华人民共和国前商务部部长钟山阁下。活动汇聚了雀巢、ABB、瑞士再保险、诺华、SGS、TE Con​​nectivity等瑞士跨国巨头的高层管理人员,以及科技巨头阿里巴巴、中国建设银行、先正达等中国企业领袖,还有来自清华大学和苏黎世联邦理工学院的教授及专家。 20多家瑞士和中国传统媒体和社交媒体平台以多种语言报道了此次活动。

Agenda (TBC)

  • 2 PM - 3 PMRegistration and VPET interactive tour
    Dresscode: Business (for men: with tie)
    3 PM - 4 PMWelcome address and Keynote Speeches
    4 PM - 6 PMSeminars and Plenary Session
    6 PM - 7 PMClosing speeches, performances, cocktail
    7 PM - 9 PMGala Dinner