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Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

SwissCham is delighted to invite you to the upcoming webinar of stars webinar series in 2023: Staying in Dialogue with China. The third webinar will be held online on Friday, April 14th. This webinar has been supported and co-branded in cooperation with SwissCham China, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), CEIBS, SCCC, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, CHINA NETZWERK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, as well as Caixin Global as a media partner and the China Macro Group as a knowledge partner.

During the recently concluded 2023 Two Sessions in Beijing, China's financial system has been prominently in the focus of policymakers, both with regards to the financial risks flagged as well as the broader organizational changes announced to improve China's financial regulatory system.

This third webinar of our ongoing series seek to understand some top-level trends of China's financial regulatory system, discuss the mentioned organizational changes and review some key trends of China's financial system and market such as the role of Hong Kong, green finance, the ongoing refinements to the capital market and the fin-tech. This webinar is proud to have Dr. XING Yujing, Senior Adviser at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and former President, Shenzhen branch of the PBoC in China as a distinguished guest to discuss the above topics.

Join us to find out more.

Kindly note: This webinar is held under Chatham House Rules and will not be recorded. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this interesting seminar.


中国瑞士商会诚邀邀请您参加stars2023年网络系列研讨会:与中国保持对话。第三次线上研讨会将于4月14日星期五举行。该网络研讨会得到了中国瑞士商会、瑞中经济协会、中国欧盟商会(EUCCC)、丹中商会,中欧国际工商学院,巴登符腾堡中德经济协会的支持,以及财新环球作为媒体合作伙伴和Macro Group作为知识合作伙伴。

近期在北京闭幕的2023 年两会期间,中国金融体系一直是政策制定者关注的焦点,无论是在标记的金融风险方面,还是在为改善中国金融监管体系而宣布的更广泛的组织变革方面。




With best regards,

Your SwissCham Team


  • Yujing XING (Senior Adviser, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA); Former President, Shenzhen Branch of PBoC, China)

    Yujing XING

    Senior Adviser, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA); Former President, Shenzhen Branch of PBoC, China

    Dr. XING Yujing was appointed as a senior adviser to Hong Kong Monetary Authority with effect from 21 November 2022, with the responsibility of offering advice and assistance in the areas of financial cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland, further development of Renminbi businesses in Hong Kong, and promotion of Hong Kong’s financial services industry on the Mainland. Prior to the secondment from the People’s Bank of China, she was the president of Shenzhen Branch of People’s Bank of China and State Administration of Foreign Exchange. She served as the deputy director-general of Monetary Policy Department (2008), deputy director-general of Monetary Department II (2009), Director-general of Monetary Policy Committee (2011) and director-general of Monetary Policy Department II (2015). Dr. XING is a member of the China Finance 40 Forum (CF40) – China’s most influential think tank in the field of finance and macroeconomics.

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  • Markus HERRMANN (Moderator, President at stars Switzerland Alumni Chapter)

    Markus HERRMANN

    Moderator, President at stars Switzerland Alumni Chapter

    Managing Director, China Macro Group (CMG)

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Webinar Series

With the decision to drop the strict Covid measures announced by China's National Health Commission on 7th December 2022, and travel in and out of the country facilitated again, this year shall also bring to an end a 3-year spell for the Stein am Rhein Symposium (stars) without holding a China symposium. Until then, and in light of the current infection waves on the ground as well as the upcoming 'Two Sessions' in March, we decided to follow-up on last year's successful execution of the "Staying in Dialogue with China" webinar series with a new edition for 2023. This 2nd edition will bring you six webinars with China-based experts concentrated on the H1, between February and June 2023 – before we expect international travel into China to more significantly recover. You can find an overview of the webinars as follows:



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