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Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

SwissCham is delighted to invite you to the upcoming webinar of stars webinar series in 2023: Staying in Dialogue with China. The third webinar will be held online on Tuesday, April 4th. In this conversation of this series, Markus HERRMANN, Co-Founder and Managing Director, China Macro Group (CMG); (Advisory) Board Member stars and SCCC, Zurich, will be talking to FU Cong, Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People's Republic of China to the European Union, Brussels, Belgium. This webinar has been supported and co-branded in cooperation with SwissCham China, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), CEIBS, SCCC, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, CHINA NETZWERK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, as well as Caixin Global as a media partner and the China Macro Group as a knowledge partner.

In 2019, the EU laid out its revised policy stance vis-à-vis China, making clear that for the Union henceforth, China would be simultaneously a cooperation partner, an economic competitor, and a systemic rival "promoting alternative models of governance". Since then, and further aggravated by how China's position in the Ukraine war and the Zero Covid policy have been perceived in Europe, relations between Beijing and European capitals have become more complicated indeed. In the economic realms, the exploration of a comprehensive agreement on investment (CAI) between China and the EU was stalled after the European Council adopted sanctions against Chinese individuals and entities in Xinjiang on grounds of human rights violations, to which Chinese government retaliated resolutely.

Against this backdrop, it is noteworthy that former Chinese Foreign Minister and new Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, Wang Yi, struck a notably conciliatory tone at the Munich Security Conference in February 2023. What guidance did the recently concluded "Two Sessions" provide for China's foreign policy moving forward? What are the current dynamics in the EU-China relations? What does Beijing think about the EU's aspirations for "strategic autonomy"? Is "green" tech the next frontier of competition?

Join us to find out more.

Kindly note: This webinar is held under Chatham House Rules and will not be recorded. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this interesting seminar.


中国瑞士商会诚邀邀请您参加stars2023年网络系列研讨会:与中国保持对话。第三次线上研讨会将于4月4日星期二举行。stars瑞士校友会会长和stars基金会董事会成员、China Macro Group联合创始人兼董事总经理,stars北京国际董事,瑞中经济协会苏黎世(SCCC)董事Markus HERRMANN将对话比利时布鲁塞尔中国驻欧盟大使,驻欧盟使团团长傅聪交谈。该网络研讨会得到了中国瑞士商会、瑞中经济协会、中国欧盟商会(EUCCC)、丹中商会,中欧国际工商学院,巴登符腾堡中德经济协会的支持,以及财新环球作为媒体合作伙伴和Macro Group作为知识合作伙伴。

2019年,欧盟制定了修改后的对华政策立场,明确表示今后对欧盟而言,中国将同时是合作伙伴、经济竞争对手和"推动替代治理模式"的系统性竞争对手。 从那以后,由于欧洲对中国在乌克兰战争中的立场和清零政策的看法进一步恶化,北京与欧洲各国首都之间的关系确实变得更加复杂。 在经济领域,欧洲理事会以侵犯人权为由对中国在新疆的个人和实体实施制裁,中国政府予以坚决回击,中欧签署全面投资协定的探索陷入停滞。




With best regards,

Your SwissCham Team


  • Cong FU (Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union)

    Cong FU

    Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union

    FU Cong is a career diplomat with extensive experience working in multilateral institutions and specifically in Europe. He spent over 15 years working as a PRC representative to United Nations structures in Geneva and Vienna, holding positions of Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for Disarmament Affairs, working over a decade on the topic of arms control including the role as Director-General of the Department of Arms Control back home in Beijing. As of December, 2022, he has been appointed to Brussels as Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union.

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  • Markus HERRMANN (Moderator, President at stars Switzerland Alumni Chapter)

    Markus HERRMANN

    Moderator, President at stars Switzerland Alumni Chapter

    Managing Director, China Macro Group (CMG)

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Webinar Series

With the decision to drop the strict Covid measures announced by China's National Health Commission on 7th December 2022, and travel in and out of the country facilitated again, this year shall also bring to an end a 3-year spell for the Stein am Rhein Symposium (stars) without holding a China symposium. Until then, and in light of the current infection waves on the ground as well as the upcoming 'Two Sessions' in March, we decided to follow-up on last year's successful execution of the "Staying in Dialogue with China" webinar series with a new edition for 2023. This 2nd edition will bring you six webinars with China-based experts concentrated on the H1, between February and June 2023 – before we expect international travel into China to more significantly recover. You can find an overview of the webinars as follows:



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