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Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

SwissCham Beijing cordially invites you to on "Data Compliance Challenges and Countermeasures for MNCs in China", in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY). This event will take place on March 23 at the EY office in Beijing from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM, and will include a small breakfast and coffee.

In recent years, data compliance has become a critical issue for multinational companies (MNCs) operating in China. As Chinese regulations regarding data protection become increasingly strict, MNCs face a growing number of compliance challenges related to cybersecurity and privacy. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant legal and financial consequences, as well as damage to a company's reputation.

To address these challenges, MNCs require effective countermeasures that can ensure their data is protected in compliance with Chinese regulations. This is where the expertise of professionals such as Chao Zuo and Meg, who are executives at Ernst & Young Technology Consulting in Beijing, come into play. With their experience in cybersecurity and privacy compliance, Chao and Meg can help MNCs navigate the complex landscape of Chinese data protection regulations and implement effective countermeasures.

During this event, Chao and Meg will share their insights on the latest data compliance challenges faced by MNCs operating in China, as well as the most effective countermeasures that can be implemented to ensure compliance.


瑞士商会北京诚挚邀请您参加与安永(Ernst & Young)合作的"跨国公司在中国面临的数据合规挑战和对策"活动。本次活动将于3月23日上午8:00至9:30在北京安永办公室举行,并提供小型早餐和咖啡。


为了应对这些挑战,跨国公司需要有效的对策,以确保其数据符合中国法规的保护要求。这正是北京安永技术咨询的高级执行官Chao Zuo和Meg等专业人士的专业知识发挥作用的地方。凭借他们在网络安全和隐私合规方面的经验,Chao和Meg可以帮助跨国公司应对复杂的中国数据保护法规并实施有效的对策。


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8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Registration and Breakfast
8:30 AM - 8:35 AM
Welcome by SwissCham
8:35 AM - 9:30 AM
Presentation, Q&A and Networking


  • Chao Zuo (Senior Manager at Ernst & Young)

    Chao Zuo

    Senior Manager at Ernst & Young

    Chao is a senior manager in Ernst & Young Technology Consulting Beijing specializing in cybersecurity and privacy compliance. He is proficient in security governance, security management, privacy compliance and security operation.
    Chao worked in a leading international IT company, as a technical engineer. He is familiar with the IT solutions about asset management, terminal management, identity management and other security software.

    Chao has extensive experience working in multiple industries including internet, high-tech and automotive. He led team to provide professional services regarding to the areas of risk assessment, cyber strategy, security management system development, security operations and cyber-tech improvement etc.

    Chao has many years experience on privacy compliance and data security area and familiar with latest compliance topics. He has delivered projects for industry-leading enterprises, from identifying personal information and confidential data from business processes, analyzing the risk and potential impact and designing the data compliance strategy and policy through date lifecycle. As also, he is familiar with PIAs, PbD, APP data compliance, data cross-border transfer solution and so on.

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  • Meg Liu (Manager at E&Y)

    Meg Liu

    Manager at E&Y

    Meg is a manager of cyber security service line in EY, Beijing, and she has five years work experience in IT field. Meanwhile, she also graduated from Northeastern University with the master degree in Information Security in U.S..
    Meg participates in may projects such as SLC, privacy compliance, information security planning, information security system construction, information security audit, penetration testing service, network security inspection, IT operation and maintenance service consultation, network security law compliance consultation.
    Her clients include large enterprise groups and multinational companies. The service industries include insurance, finance, internet, automobile, etc.
    Meg has participated in and led the construction of information security management system, network security law compliance consulting services and other related projects in many well-known enterprises.

    Meg has worked as a core member in a ISO 27000 project for a famous virtual currency transaction agency, responsible for interview leading, gap analysis, documentation refinement.
    Meg has worked as a core member in a KPI design project for a famous automotive company, responsible for KPI design and quarterly KPI updating.
    Meg has worked as a core member in a SDLC project for a famous global food company, responsible for business impact assessment, privacy impact assessment, pre-security assessment and reviewing penetration test reports.
    Meg has worked as a core member in a GDPR compliance project for a famous global internet company, responsible for personal information audit, privacy design, compliance gap analysis, and privacy statements and relative documents review and revision.
    Meg has worked as a core member in a GDPR compliance project for a famous global mobile phone company, responsible for privacy checklist, personal information data flow and risk map audit, DPIA, privacy statements and relative documents review and revision and Austria audit resource coordination.
    Meg has worked as a key team member in a PMO project for a famous global automobile company, responsible for project management, including organizing alignment meeting and integrating security assessment steps in souring process.

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Member Price RMB 199
Standard Price RMB 279


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If you have any questions please contact Melissa Liu

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